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BeezMAX ortho cream is an anti-arthritis cream for external use, composed of 100% all natural ingredients which prevents the deposition of salts, heals joints and tissues, and helps get rid of pain and swelling.


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What makes the BeezMAX Ortho cream so effective?

Propolis Extract :- Relieves swelling and pain, has a strong vening effect and helps dissolve blood clots. Helps actively heal tissues, activates metabolic processes.



Bienengift :- Improves the microcirculation of the blood and relieves muscle cramps

Beeswax :- Has regenerating and blood clotting properties

Hippocastan extract :- Stimulates the anti-clotting activity of the blood serum, increases the antithrombin production, stimulates the filling of the veins, especially when they have abnormal changes, decreases blood viscosity, has anti-inflammatory effect.

Cedar Juice :- Increases blood flow in the blood vessels, has anti-inflammatory, increases blood flow, helps to remove blood clots. Heals and strengthens the joints in cases of arthritis and osteoarthritis.

Olive Oil :- Natural medicine that stimulates the blood circulation and is well received.

Bees Extract :- Relieves inflammation and pain during acute joint, cartilage and tendon disorders.

Wax Moth Extract :- Forms the muscle wall of the veins surrounding the joints by making them firm and elastic and helping to speed up the metabolism.

Additional ingredients include vitamins (e.g., vitamins B1, B5 and C) which have a potent effect on venous muscle walls and tissue regeneration, as well as substances which have blood vessel dilation and pain-reducing properties. Varicose reduces the permeability of the tissue, which is why the concentration of the coagulant must be sufficiently high.

How is the BeezMAX Ortho Cream applied?


Warning! Beware of counterfeit products!

BeezMAX Ortho Cream is a very popular and effective treatment, which is why there are more and more counterfeit products on the Internet. Do not fall for it.

You can buy the genuine BeezMAX Ortho Cream for joint treatment exclusively in our store. We are the official supplier in your country and guarantee you the quality of all our products.

From BeezMAX Cream where to Buy?

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What precautionary measures I should keep in my mind while using this serum?

You should realize that it is for the grown-up utilization who are 30 or over 30. So the individuals who are under 30 entirely restricted to utilization of this serum. Likewise, recall it to keep it in a cool and dry place.


Will it suit my skin?

Yes, it will. Its plan is planned such that it can suit each Cream sort. To be erring on the side of caution, I would propose you to do a fix test once. That is spritz this serum on the less touchy zone on your body and abandon it for couple of minutes. In the event that you don’t feel bothering then you are ready else you should check with your dermatologist.

What is so great about this  BeezMAX Cream product?

There are numerous incredible things about this serum which merit seeing and preeminent thing which I might want to bring it you is its serum based detailing. You more likely than not saw that these days numerous against maturing items accompany cream based definition which have a tendency to be overwhelming for the skin and furthermore abandon oily surface making it difficult to get assimilate into the skin. BeezMAX Cream like the name proposes comes in the serum shape which is so light weighted yet viably gives hydration to the skin. Because of this quality, it effortlessly gets retain into the skin

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